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Islanded is a survival nature sandbox game, trying to achieve a high quality graphics, but without skimping on what is really important in a sandbox game, creation. Based only on reality, in Islanded, zombies, werewolves or dragons are still myths. Face off against being truly lost. Fight against the nature, your decisions and your actions will decide how the island responds to you. Chop every tree you see, use any resource that you can get, build anywhere you want, and defend yourself against all the animals that dosen't want you on the island.
Search, fight, build, Hide, attack, find, be the king of the island. Be Islanded.


In Islanded your only enemy it's nature. Fight to keep yourself alive in a set of 3 diferent islands in a remote ocean. Learn to survive in a world realistic, where you can hunt your food, create tools and build anything to fight all the deadly animals and climatic changes. Add a friend to your island, or join the multiplayer experience to fight humans vs animals, you decide.

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